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Here are some things that helped me...



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Oct 5, 2013
I am bipolar, have BPD, schizo-affective and really bad social anxiety and I wanted to share what helped me becauseI am feeling fabulous right now:

1. Monitor moods using MindShift app and convince myself to do the opposite of what I am feeling like doing. For example, being active and exercising when depressed or meditating when starting to go manic instead of going on a shopping spree or out drinking. It's all about that 60 seconds between stimulus and response, where we can decide not to react based on an impulse.

2. Guided meditation helps with getting better at #1 and it worked for me because I hear voices when I am stressed out and I am unable to meditate on my own. The soothing voice that guides me helps me focus. This is one of my favorite guided meditations:

3. Not taking things personally: realizing that what others do is more about their needs and insecurities than it is about me lacking in some way fundamentally. When someone rejects me and I still have strong feelings, I do a cord cutting meditation that helps me let go of the attachment.

4. Affirmations: this only works when the affirmations are realistic. Something like "I am growing and improving every day. I am lovable and worthy" instead of "I am so great. I am just amazing all around and the sexist person alive"...because your brain will not accept bullshit messages that are too far removed from how you see yourself right now. A recording of realistic messages for inspiration can be found here:

5. Diet: avoid trans fats and simple carbs and unnatural sugars. Tons of fruit, veggies, lean proteins, healthy fats such as can be found in avocado and nuts

6. Journaling: journaling has been my saving grace when it comes to becoming aware of thoughts and feelings and learning how to re-frame thoughts in a more neutral light. It's a good way to catch your distorted thinking.

7. CBT and DBT: super useful models for therapy with a lot of interesting methods, but the most important thing is to actually do the work in the workbooks and not just passive reading of the materials. Message me if you want a copy of a DBT workbook!

8. Warrior versus victim mentality:I think that sometimes just remembering that we can grow and we have control over how we respond to stimuli can help us feel more empowered.It's all about seeing ourselves as warriors rather than victims by either engaging problem solving skills or letting go of an issue when changing things is not possible for us at the moment.

9.Moving the body mindfully: it can be yoga, or jogging or biking or anything as long as you are paying attention to what you're doing and feeling what it's like to be alive in your body instead of ruminating and staying stuff in your mind. Whenever you get stuck in your mind, bring your thoughts back to the present compassionately.

10. Self compassion: it's OK if you can't do it all right away.You're only human so be kind to yourself and it will help you get through hard times. Hold and comfort yourself so you don't always have to rely on others to do it for you. Learn to "self parent".

Anyone want to add to this list? Any thoughts?


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Feb 28, 2018
Love this! Thank you!