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Feb 29, 2008
Haslingden, Rossendale, Lancashire.
Once again I need your help guys but I really need it now. My girlfriend is really suffering at the moment. She thinks everybody is against her and that nobody cares about her. She is in residential housing but is soon to move into independant housing and she has personal problems with this month for reasons I don't know. She ran away again tonight and I had to go and meet her to help in any way I can. I am worried she will self harm again, I just want to tell her I really care about her and that nobody is against her. Should I say that if she wants to self harm that she could do it to me because I really don't want to see her hurt. I got her out of the house tonight and took her to friends and paid for her taxi back home but I wonder how I can help her more. I really love her and want to make her happy.
So any way u can help would be much appreciated, thanks guys.


Lionheart, I think your girlfriend is lucky to have someone who cares for her so much. I can understand you wanting to take her pain away but you can't actually do that. The best way to help is by being supportive and understanding. Sometimes trying to help more isn't the right way to go, personally while I need help I also have to live my life myself. Don't give yourself a hard time, you're probably doing a lot more than you think. :hug:


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Apr 2, 2008
London, UK

It sounds to me that you really care, that, in itself, will be a great help to your girlfriend. If she does choose to self harm just give her as much support as you can. I hope this helps, and that things work out.

Louise 28

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Mar 29, 2008
self harm

maybe you could let your girfreind know that although you might not want her to self harm, and know you probably cant stop her, that you would like her to do certain things for you.

For example, I dont want you to hurt yourself, but if you do, please\promise me you will phone me/ someone first


you must make sure that whatever you do to yourself you care for your body afterwards- sometimes when I used to cut myself, I would really care for the wound afterward- I coulnt fix or help heal my mind, but I could care for a cut.


I think Dollit suggested holding ice- unpleasant freeze burning sensation, but still a kind of 'release' and not as risky as cutting...

You sound like a great friend- don't forget to look after your own health and good mental well being too!
(I cant look after anyone, if I dont look after myself too.)
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