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Feb 26, 2009
I have been stuck in a depressive episode for the last week or so and cant get out. I have the occasional hypomanic moment but they are short lived and i am back to being miserable. I am bipolar and normally I bounce back up again after around an hour or two, but i can be depressed for a day or two. This is the longest I have been depressed ever.

I am not constantly miserable. I feel tired all the time. I never want to get out of bed. I have no sex drive (sorry for putting that in). I have thought about suicide a few times because generally I dont see the point any more. I dont think I would ever actually kill myself but the thoughts all ways creep up when I get down. I can barely write any more, as my mind has hit a wall instead of racing away like it normally is.

I really need some help. Any suggestions?? :confused:


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Nov 23, 2008
Belfast, N.Ireland
Hello there,
I am afraid that I am not going to be able help you out advice wise. I just wanted to say that I can relate completely to you. I often just experience the high or manic side of my Bipolar swings. I usually only get depressed for a few hours to a few days. For me, even that is hard to handle.

Just recently - after a very long and irritable high, I became depressed for much longer period than usual. I became very suicidal (for the first time in years) l and actually went to jump into a major river where I live. It was late at night and when I arrived at the destination - it did not take place as the river was flowing too slowly. Thanks to that, I am alive now. Things have gone back into the mostly high/manic swings. Please do not go down the suicide road. Even though you may feel very depressed and think you won't improve - they will get better. They always do.
Take care,
Jacqui x


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Jul 15, 2009
Accept your moods.

I think it would be very helpful to accept yourself with your feelings an moods. It's not easy in a situation you're beeing in. Yes... sometimes we can't write and ... but it's okay.
I'am absolutely sure, that your situation changes. You will feel better. But give you time. Step by step.

Best wishes


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Feb 26, 2009
Thanks everyone hopefully everything will eventually turn around
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