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Jun 25, 2009
Hey, I'm 21, and i need your help. These past couple of days i've been crying randomly and worrying too much, i have random sweating, and i feel empty, headaches, and anxious mostly all the time. I've been skipping work.. Making excuses that i'm sick or ill because i didn't have the motivation to actually go in, untill they caught on and now think i'm making excuses because they think i don't like it there.. Which i can understand, i don't know why they still keep me, i'm more trouble than good to them. I also have self-esteem issues.. And have moments where i think i'm "ugly" "worthless" and just "insecure" about myself. Eh i know this thread is probably bearly incoherent, but try and bare with me.

I'll try and explain, i worry too much about things, and pretty much obsess over it, and concentrate on that. I have anxious issues too, which lead to me becoming hot, sweating, sometimes chest pains, and headaches... I want to be happy, but for some reason i can't be.. It's like my emotions are stuck in this vicous cycle which i don't know how to break.

Edit: I just need to know what treatment could i do to fix this? I'm not so ahead on therapy... Or pills, and i havn't been to the doctors before about this either.
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May 8, 2009
Hi Chois

Welcome to the forum, you will get a lot of support from here, but people here cannot give you any diagnosis or tell you what to take.

All this sounds like it is quite new to you, has something happened recently to make you feel so low?

A trip to the GP is a scary thing, but can also be a positive thing too, maybe a chat with him/her, just because you are peaking to the GP it doesn't mean they will put you on pills, you have a choice to tell them you don't want the pills and that you just need guidance as to what to do.

There are a number of post about alternative meds and treatments, such a reiki, aromatherapy, meditations etc maybe you could look into something like that?????

Hope things go well for you


Jun 24, 2009
hope this helps

Hi Chios, my name is Lisa.|it sounds like you are going through the horrors with these anxiety attacks and they are having a detrimntal effect on your physical, work and socisl life. It cannot go on.It is intolerable. you should ry nd put all this down on paper,it might be easier than talking, and give it to the doctor and let him/her advise you.if you have chest pains etc it could be sheer anxiety and you are very young to go through that.please see a doctor,Lisa.
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Hi Chios

And :welcome: to the forum.

We do have an anxiety forum and a depression forum on here, it might be worth having a look through the threads on there as people have written about their experiences and things they may have tried that might/might not have worked for them.

However I do think a trip to the GP is a good idea, sometimes depression/anxiety can be caused by a physical problem, so I would at least get that checked out.

I hope you find the forum of some use to you, there is a wealth of knowledge, support and experience to be found here. :)


hi. your not worthless no one is and ur not ugly, God made no junk. I think cognitive behavioral therepy could help you. also go and see your doctor, it could help.
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