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Feb 20, 2009
Hey. I live in Elko NV, and I dont think theres even a mental health facility in this little town. So I thought I could get some insight as to what I've experienced since my early teens (I'm 26 now). So, any ideas as to whats going on and what I need to do would be appreciated. I see spiders that arent there constantly...not just when I wake up. Right before I fall asleep, I hear and feel my brain explode - its just a pop inside of my head. I have extreme depression, hear talking that isnt there (usually just one or two words at a time), see flashes of lights randomly, have extreme bouts of violence (which ends up in me slightly stabbing/cutting myself because I dont want to let the rage out on someone else), I catch myself spacing out frequently and just giggling the whole time, and I seriously have the desire to destroy the world. Like... I daydream sometimes and everything around me is on fire, and seeing the people and children running around burning up (in my daydream) gives me such a feeling of delight, and im not sure why. I feel like I may become a danger to other people, because I have such an intense hatred for even strangers, however i dont know where that comes from. I also have a very hard time feeling compassion for others, and identifying with how they are feeling (I usually just wing it).


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Apr 4, 2008
Hi there and welcome to the forum.
It does seem like you need help have you got a doctor you can see?
Take care.


No one here can tell you what's going on because that's a matter for a health professional and it is never wise to give or accept diagnosis of a mental health problem over the phone.

The extremities of feelings you say you're having need to be discussed with someone who is qualified to help you.

We can help by giving support and talking with you but your first stop needs to be at a GP for referall to a mental health specialist.