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Dec 10, 2020
Hi I’ve joined this forum to discuss my mental health I feel depressed and have issues with my sleep I keep doubting myself and think that I’m losing my mind like I keep doubting I’m losing memories when I can clearly talk about them like I can say all my friends names I feel extremely weird around my best friend it’s asif he’s unfamiliar to me when he isn’t I’ve done a bit of research on the internet and I’m starting to think it’s depersonalisation I just need some reassurance and help


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Feb 5, 2020
I've experienced this a little bit when I was younger. I would have days where it felt like everyone around me was a stranger. I knew who they were and how they behaved, but it was like I only knew that because I read it in a book, not because I actually knew them.

Some things that can help you come to the moment and get control over your brain and thoughts.

1 always have Podcasts pre selected for when you're idle and have nothing occupying your thoughts.

2. Practice singing or rapping your favorite songs.

3. If you smoke weed, consider cutting back to see if it makes it better or worse for you.

4. Try to sleep at the same time everyday, or close as you can.

I read this online
Persistent and recurrent episodes of depersonalization or derealization or both cause distress and problems functioning at work or school or in other important areas of your life. During these episodes, you are aware that your sense of detachment is only a feeling and not reality.

The experience and feelings of the disorder can be difficult to describe. Worry about "going crazy" can cause you to become preoccupied with checking that you exist and determining what's actually real.

Symptoms usually begin in the mid- to late teens or early adulthood. Depersonalization-derealization disorder is rare in children and older adults.

So when your brain tells you that you lost yourself or you can't feel the world you see around you, it sounds like you are logical and perfectly capable of correcting thoughts, but you can't get rid of the feeling. I hope some of those tricks can help and that you keep reading and learning about it cause it's a legit condition, and you're not crazy. You're just experiencing some difficult mental problems that you're learning to cope with.


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Aug 14, 2018
There will be better days for you. Your Creator will help you. You have it in you to win over depression and any battle you have.

Music helps me. Music therapy or listening to good and uplifting songs on youtube makes me feel and think better.

Also doing what I love to do which is writing helps me too. What do you love to do? What are you good at? Is it cooking, baking, gardening, doing arts and crafts? Do it and it will make you happy and even be successful.
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