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So I'll try to explain this the best way I can.

I really try to see the good in people. However, I've been dealing with very severe auditory hallucinations for 5 years.

There is this guy that I'm really uncertain about, and every time I see him I try to forget about it but I'm bombarded by intrusivd energy and voices telling me he's a terrible person then they say he's a good person and I shouldn't blame him for anything...and I mean anything. Im trying not to care, but I feel an attachment where I feel very trapped.

Last I saw him, he really kind of scared me. I don't want to call him a stalker, but something about him makes me feel uneasy.
Like I said, I try to forget about it but its literally fear him or have feelings for him, I can't feel indifferent.

I used to work with him and I ran into a problem that was associated with my mental issue, but we resolved it. But it seems he does not know his boundaries after such an event, and it confuses me.

I want to reach out and ask if he has an issue. I want to leave it alone, but it's almost feeling like I'm forced to feel a certain way about him.

Please help. What should I do to not feel so attached to this person without physically moving or reaching out when I don't feel I should do that?
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Jun 14, 2017
Hello peaceform88

I'm sorry that you are having this struggle, auditory hallucinations can be so unsettling. There is a bit of information here about how you might want to try dealing with them.Learning to Live With Voices – Mental Health Forum

I think it is probably best not to approach the man when you are not so well as sometimes our actions are misunderstood. Not knowing too much of the situation it is hard to advise really.

If the voices are bothering you so much perhaps a visit to the doctor might help, sometimes medication can work.

I'm sorry I cannot be more helpful, but wishing good things for you .