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Hearing Voices Groups
Tell us about you hearing voices group. What is happening in it? How long has it been going?
Where is it?

Hi Everyone,
How is everyone doing???
Listen, I've been thinking and I know of this hearing voice organization
called Intervoice; the international community for hearing voices online.

Or atleast I hope this is what I've been participating in for 6 months now.

Now, there is not much going on here most of the time, but that's not the

No, actually this is a good point.
Why don't more who hear voices participate here a little bit anyway???
I think we could use individuals from all walks of life and all spectrum's on
Voice Hearing to become involved here.
Even if you don't hear voices, you can be of help and why not help
or participate.

It would be interesting to hear from sensitives, clairvoyants,
psychics, paranormal people, priests, therapists, psychologists,
parapsychologists, rabbi's, psychiatrists, you get my drift.
You would be anonymous so why not?

I also believe "comforters" are needed here.
When voice hearers are distressed or looking for
answers/hope/comfort/guidance or whatever they should
have a place they can rely on.
Comforters can be anyone from a voice hearer, non voice hearer,
family member, professional or non-professional, just any concerned
or interested people who want to make a difference in someones

Now, the Internet can be addicting I know, but now that I
stated this, it is a known fact to all.
Can this replace social interaction in the real world?
No, it can't replace it, but it can offer much needed
insight and help to those who search the Internet
for answers, suggestions, help, and online friends.

We all need someone to watch over us so to speak,
even online.

This is my suggestion and I hope for the best.



Well-known member
Nov 24, 2008
Ahh Rabina, the Help Line certainly gets the attention of posters.

I have been busy creating the New Zealand website. So havent been up to much of late.

Is Spring here and after a long winter am adjusting to going for nice walks outside instead of days at the computer.

Will try and pop in more often.



Still up and realized how sad it is that so many people
don't want to take the time to begin to understand or
support others who hear voices.

But then, someone comes along and changes that.
Let's hope more come to see the light especially those
closest to us or not.:)