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Mar 1, 2015
3 few weeks ago my partner did something horrific.....

She was diagnosed bipolar 20 years ago, spent 6 months in a mental hospital. She has went on with no other relapses at all and even started a family with me and life had never been so good.

Just after having our son 7yrs ago Her consultant advised that during pregnancy her lithium levels dropped to zero due to all the extra blood in her system and no sign of any manic episodes. With that happening he advised that they believed she was misdiagnosed as she had been stable for so long and she should try coming off medication.

We said no as it wasn't right time as we just started a family. So her doctor never stopped advising she should come off in 7 years.

In December she said ok as everything was going good. They cut her lithium in half and well she has had a horrific time......

Our children and myself were so close to losing her. It came out of the blue and was totally unexpected. Our worlds have changed forever I fear.

She is still in hospital and has been for 3 weeks, she seems to be getting better and then gets bad again.... It's really hard and children don't understand why mummy isn't coming home... Worst part is, it doesn't look like anytime soon.

They have put her on some other drug olanzapine as well as lithium.

Why can't they put lithium up and it be sorted? I am so scared for my family.

Don't let any doctor mess with your drugs if you have been stable for a long time!!!!


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Apr 23, 2012
South West (UK)
Im sorry you're having such a rough time!! I really hope the docs sort out her meds soon. Hang in there. Xx