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New member
Jan 25, 2015
Does anyone else while in a manic/hypo manic state obsess with someone you know you can't be with? Declare your feelings to them! Have a million plans in your head of how you can be together? This all being while in a loving relationship! Is this normal or not?!


Hi, fellow BP here, II.

I have found that when I've been hypomanic I can obsess about famous musicians (I adore music!), thinking that maybe I am destined to be with them and live some other life than my everyday one, and I can daydream about this while loving my partner.

This mostly happened before I was diagnosed and treated, and I am grateful to say that today I can more easily see that these are just thoughts, not behaviours, not to be trusted, and just because I am having them, well, it's no big deal, and I can choose not to act on them. I have learned to be easier on myself, and just accept such things. :)


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Mar 8, 2014
I do the same. I have all these thoughts on how things would be but when I act I get rejected . Maybe I come off to strong.. I don't know. I'm in a committed relationship now and since I've been on meds I don't think I come off strong anymore.


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Jan 29, 2015
Hah, gosh, that's uncanny. I do all of the above, actually I have just recovered from a manic episode where I developed a crush on a 19 year old that I had got friendly with from a forum (my behaviour toward him actually is causing me much guilt and shame currently) and also became obsessed with a famous singer in a band and was CONVINCED we were gonna be together. I guess I should be thankful I've finally emerged from my fantasy world, but forgiving myself for these delusions is hard, especially the 19 year old (I'm 52). I wish I could apologise to the guy and explain that I was ill but he blocked me understandably. It's sort of good to know others have experienced similar things though...