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Help with anxiety and OCD + add?



I have Anxiety and ADD. The best medication for Anxiety for me is Paxil 40mg. But on the Paxil i feel really lazy and it makes me to not want to do anything, and with hardly energy. These side effects make my ADD symptoms worse, and i I tried to use stimulants (ritalin and dexedrine) with paxil, but i feel really paranoid and way more anxious (but at least i dont feel lazy and I can focus). If i use Paxil with Straterra do you think that my drowsiness and laziness can go away and make me able to focus? does this combination worth trying? I tried all the ssri and effexor, anafranil and many others. The the only medication that works for axiety and ocd (which is my worst symptom) is Paxil (xanax and clonopim also works but i feel way more sleepy then with paxil) what should I do? I never tried cymbalta But i know that cymbalta is not prescribed for OCD. Thanks


Nov 14, 2008
Hi pcrrox

I hear you. I have anxiety caused by motor tics, and I have a feeling that there is ADD there also, but this has not been formally diagnosed. But when u have it, you know it. Know what I'm saying?

I am dead against medication for reasons of side effects, and you are describing some. I am starting a new job in a few days and up till now I have not worked in an office environment, luckily for me my old job allowed me to work from home a lot of the time.

I just dont know how to cope if my symptoms become noticeable. Do you have this problem, or does it interfere with your work? Sorry I dont know your age.