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Help this isn't funny!



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Jun 20, 2009
This is going to sound totally off the wall but I need to get this off my chest. he he no now being totally serious:p, I think I'm heading for a major high. I am like a bitch on heat, sorry don't know how else to describe it. I think I have bipolar ?? Depression / highs still waiting to get diagnosed.

I just feel so turned on all the time at the moment. I can't go near my hubby though I'm seeking other men! This is going to wreck my marriage. I just don't know how to tell the doc how I'm feeling :redface:.

Is this a symptom of bipolar its weird as I think I have no confidence usually and I feel like such an ugly person its unreal. Its like I want someone to tell me I am nice and special??


Jul 29, 2009
Brighton, uk
it could be a symptom but i guess everyone's symptoms are different. When i'm on a down i can't even think about sex or anything like that. When i'm manic i guess i do have a higher sex drive (being single certainly helps) but plus when i'm on a high i just crave attention and affection. even if its a cuddle, being tickled, or just someone being lovely.

but when i'm on a high i bring more affection on myself tho cuz i just love everyone (even the twats)

so yeah, it does sound like a symptom to me hun. I know it'll be embarrassing to tell the doc, but its important to mention everything so you can get the right diagnosis.

good luck sweetie and keep us all updated with how you get on at the docs.

all else failing, ann summers have some .. erm.. interesting things in stock at the mo! :LOL:


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Jun 30, 2009
Hi Shelly,

I'm posting this here as this is a better place to have a discussion rather than on the chill-out thread.

First of all, please don't be embarrassed. From your post above, I realise that you're going through a bit of a manic high right now which is causing some unusual behaviour. I'm certainly no doctor, but I do have a nephew who is bi-polar, and this sounds very much like what you're going through. (I could be completely wrong mind you - and I frequently am :))

The closest thing to this that I can imagine was when I was very high on illegal drugs, and felt incredibly sexually turned-on. When I felt like that I would do all sorts of outlandish things without thinking about the consequences.

I feel very flattered that you said those things about me, but I realise that you weren't feeling your normal self right when you wrote them.

Could I ask you though to be very careful not to give out any personal details on here. It also might be a good idea for you to change your phone number (assuming that the number you posted was genuine).

Take care :)