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Help Support, My Experience



Active member
May 16, 2019
Bonny Banks
Not for first, lost it the other day.

I was going over edge, I'll say,,I just called NHS in the end, few days in hospital. But all I needed was talk about it.

Samaritans, now am Scottish, should never be an issue, but that call was horrific.

All i got was bad line, bad line, then finally admitted, can't make me out. 5 mins of, can you repeat, not one part picked up, but did get what I said, when I said, ok, am fine. Call ended.

Breathing space, I needed to talk, please am struggling, 5mins, am not even started, you ok to call back. No reason why.

Needed to talk, both no help, just had to call NHS, taken into hospital,, hate hospital

I just dont get why they are here.

That is 2nd time I have called Samaritans, I got the first time, which was months before. I am due a break, can you call back.

Only that time I emailed in, and got called.

When I am going over, I am scared. I am freaking, never swear,, never shout, its blatant in my voice am in a panic.

Are they not trained for that?

I hate MH, when I need help, I need it, maybe 50ish, but by hell I get scared, why, incase this is time I go over, and brain never clicks back, or I dont come back..

I have no one to talk too, and need too, calm me.

Am not needing not getting help, that I break and in hospital again.

I hate MH...


Well-known member
Apr 21, 2019
Sorry but I know hospital is bad going there but at least get help,new medicines and able to adjust when get out. I've been in hospital twice for 5 days and three days