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HELP: Struggling with bipolar & anxiety



New member
Nov 3, 2015
Dear all, I am new to this forum. I have been diagnosed with chronic depression and anxiety 10 yrs ago and have been on Zoloft, Zepam and medizapine. The past 10 yrs have been a struggle with ups and downs. It seems like every 2-3 yrs, I have a major depressive episode, as a result I quit my last job after being there 3 yrs. This time I changed psychiatrists and the last once diagnosed me with bipolar disorder.

He gradually got me off Zoloft , Zepam and medizapine and put me on Lamictal for now 6 months. I do feel a lot more balanced with less ups and downs in my mood although I get more easily irritated. My main concern now in my anxiety which I still get on a regular basis and Lamictal doesn't not seem to overcome it. I am thinking to tell my psy to get me back on a small dose of Zepam but I read that the combination of Lamictal and anti-anxiety meds do not mix well. Any advice?

Desperate for any helpful comments

Thanks in advance
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