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Help/Question! What Mental Illness do these symptoms indicate?



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Nov 23, 2011
Western NY
Hi Everyone!

I'm new, and I'm confused as to what Mental Illness my symptoms are a part of! I don't seem to match my personal signs and symptoms with a specific diagnosis. I know no one on here can diagnose me, but could someone help me identify what the heck is wrong with me? Opinions and Thoughts are appreciated! I have see a psychiatrist in 2 weeks, but want to walk in there with some knowledge of what the deal is here....

-I feel like everyone I talk to automatically does not like me or want to be talking with me.
-When I do conversate with people, I look for negative facial expressions, the tone they use when talking, all so I can try and "prove" that I'm right, no one likes me.
-I take offense to people who are even a little rude to me or look at me in a funny way, then I continue to obsess about the situation and throw a giant pity party for myself because yet another person does not like me.
-When I talk with someone who was present during one of my percieved mistreatments most of the time the person present will point out a reason for their behavior that is sometimes obvious and I get confused as to why people can see what's going on and I have tunnel vision. It's really embarassing and frustrating.
-When I tell my friends and/or family about the truely bad treatment I got by someone, they almost always tell me to talk to a supervisor, report them, file a complaint. I always say I don't want to, but then give in and report them. The complaints are almost always answered by emails, letters, phone calls that there was no misconduct/there was no consequence for their behavior. I've gotten to the point that I feel like maybe I don't deserve to seek justice and the way I'm treated doesn't matter to anyone because I'm not an important person.
-I get very nervous in crowded places, I scan around to see if people are staring at me, and adjust my posture and demeanor to try and look "normal", comfortable, and like I fit in there.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I have been diagnosed with so many different Mental Illnesses, by so many doc's, I just don't know what I am, so to speak! I have been diagnosed with:

Bipolar 1 Disorder
Bipolar 2 Disorder, more often.
Bipolar NOS
Schizoaffective Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder


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Jun 16, 2011
All I can suggest is that when you see your psychiatrist you ask them to be as open and honest with you about any possible diagnosis.


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Jan 5, 2011
I am not sure on what you have written above that any bipolar is present, but I don't know a lot about you obviously. More that anything, you have a very low self esteem, and little confidence. These can also be part of depression and maybe you need to look at that. I think if you went to one psychiatrist and said, "Look I have so many diagnoses and I have no idea what is going on. Can you tell me what you think, but I also want to discuss it with you. " Remember, the relationship between you and a pdoc, should be one of discussion and mutual agreement. Don't let them dictate from on high, ask them to have a discussion with you.

I would suggest that therapy would be a lot more helpful for you. Psychiatrists at the best of times, just give medicines. Some people urgently need meds, but a lot of people don't need it at all. There is a form of therapy mentioned on here, called DBT. Its not CBT, its slightly different, and it helps people who tend to over react to circumstances.


Dec 4, 2011
just a quick suggestion

The idea that you ARE correct in thinking people dont like you, and having only that idea could suggest Aspergers?


New member
Dec 13, 2011
A couple of thoughts

From what you have said three things spring to mind

Chronic low self confidence/esteem - however the severity of what you have described would make me think it is not just that.

I have a friend with agoraphobia and aspergers who shares a lot of your symptoms. She will often text me and I will not see the text while I am at work so it will be a couple of hours before I reply. In those couple of hours she frequently convinces herself I have not replied because I hate her and no longer want to be friends. This is entirely untrue!

Your descriptions of you thoughts /. Symptoms is very detailed and your ability to write you thoughts down like this is a great start. I used to do the same when I was in therapy so take this list along with you.

Let me know how you get on at the appointment x x x
rocky george

rocky george

New member
Jan 13, 2012

Things you share here is happened to me also. In january 2011.now im ok.i took medicine for 8months.. Im rocky. 22 male from india. Im doing my degree. But medicines i used change me little. In some situaations i have to take long time for a proper decisn.
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