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Help Please



New member
Nov 21, 2009
Hi all,
i was wondering if any of you could help me, Im 17 years old and i think ive got depression and pretty sure ive got anxiety issues. At night time i sit there and think im going to have a heart attack because i get chest pains and a sore arm depsite the fact the hospital and doctors have told me thers nothing wrong, i also think that if i have the slightest pain its the worst possible outcome for example i had pain in my hip area one night and i thought it was my appenidix, hospita land doctors again said it wasnt but is still feel it is, ive got nausia most of the time and my appetite is going. My sleeping patterns are also strange too, ill wake up at like 2 oclock in the afternoon even if ive had an early night and still feel tired, but most of the time im up till 4 o clock in the morning even if i have college in the morning. I dont enjoy parties anymore i sit there feeling down, i have no motivation and just generally cant be bothered with anything. i also always think bad things are goin to happen to me and tonight for example i went out clubbing and left after 10 minutes as i didnt enjoy it depsite loving it little over a year ago ( I have fake i.d lol ) im 18 wednesday and i wish more than anything i can overcome these symptoms mainly the ones which make me think im going to die all the time. Please help me i cant take this nemore its destroying me :( :cry:


Hello & welcome to the site :welcome:

Not to negate your experiences - I think a lot is the age you are. Things have got easier the older I have got. I felt similar at your age, & a lot worse in fact. I spent 4 months on a secure unit when I was 17. You really don't want anything like that - believe me.

Oh, & not to be pessimistic - the aches & pains get worse the older you are. :)


New member
Nov 21, 2009
thansk for the reply mates, i tell myself its nothing but i dno i still feel like im bein controlled by fear


Hi mayoh

I think most people suffer with some form of anxiety at some stage in their lives.

You are at College, are you struggling with any aspect of your course right now?

You say that you are 18 on Wednesday, do you have any fears about reaching that age?

There are many things you can do to help reduce anxiety in your life. Here are some suggestions:

  • Cut out caffeine, ie tea and coffee
  • Have a safe space in your mind and at home
  • Don't take drugs or drink - both of these can increase your anxiety tremendously even though you might think they are helping with it - I can assure you they will not.
  • Try getting a relaxation CD and listen to it. One that takes you through progressive relaxation.
  • Try some meditation - this does not have to mean joining a religion or intrude on any current religious beliefs you have.
  • When you feel the chest pains try counting your breaths, count fifteen seconds in and 15 seconds out. Try to stick to regular deep breaths.
  • Eat healthily - ie not too many fatty foods or foods that contain loads of sugar or additives or have strong food colourings - this includes drinks, these can again cause symptoms of anxiety and can make your emotions and moods feel like they are on a roller coaster.

I would try all these things first then if you still experiencing difficulties try to take it further with your GP.

Take care,


New member
Nov 21, 2009
Thank you saphire, I have stopped drinking now which is good but i dnt touch a drop nemore which is strange as i used to enjoy a drink with mates at parties e.t.c. I dno i just wish i cud enjoy myself a parties agen n stop feelin so depressed all the tym. ahh well suppose i just gotta try n combat it. thank you all again


New member
Nov 24, 2009

Fear sucks dude. It can control you. At it's extreme, I too feel sometimes like I'm going to die or something really bad is going to happen to me. Hang in there.

"Never has so much, been owed to so few, by so many"

Winston Churchill
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