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Help please!



May 4, 2020
Hello, everyone!
I'm 23 y.o and I want to share my history.
2 months ago while traveling by bus I had palpitations for a few seconds, I thought nothing serious because it had happened to me 2 or 3 times in my life before, during my exams. A week later, while walking from work to home, I had, don't know how to say, my heart thumping from my chest, strongly. I had to sit down somewhere, when it seemed to be calm, i started to walk, but it happened again, a few seconds. I rested, I started to walk again, it happened again, until I decided to call my sister to pick me up. From that moment, until 3 weeks ago, I had shortness of breath. Couldn't breath normally, I had to yawn to fill with Oxygen. I had sharp pain in the heart area.(still happens sometimes)
I went 2 times in the ER. I had my ECG, which was ok, Oximeter for my difficulties in breathing was ok, so my doc. said it was anxiety.(i think she is right because when i destract my self, I totally forget about palpitations, sharp pains or breathing difficuties)
I had some stressful situations, and the most important I have to do a job that i don't want to. I can hardly wait to quit.This has caused me a lot of stress... I have been in stress for 2 years now.
I want to say that i don't have breathing difficulties anymore, well.. not at all.
All I have, sometimes, heart thumping or palpitations, which really scares me a lot. I want to say that my heartbeat has been normal all the time. Never had tachycardia.
I am really tired to think what I have, because I have been googling a lot, and it seems to make me more anxious. I have to thing all the time that I have a heart disease.
someone in the same condition? do you have a normal life anymore? if yes, please tell me, how have you done that?


Well-known member
Apr 28, 2020
New York
Yep, that sounds like anxiety and panic attacks. Don't google symptoms, it will come up with the most unlikely scary answer right next to the most likely simple one.

You might want to consider looking into breathing exercises for anxiety, and different calming exercises. I started having panic attacks at about 21, after moving out and discontinuing the ongoing trauma of living with my dad. They really suck when they're new. Now I don't really get them much, and when I do they're manageable because the feelings are familiar. I went to my doctor when I started getting them often, and was prescribed low dose xanax, which stops it very quickly. I still have them in case they're needed, but very rarely do I use them, and now it's usually more for general anxiety when I can't sleep.
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