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Help please



New member
Apr 19, 2020
Hi there

I’m in need of some support

here my story
So I’ve struggled with mental health for 10 years it started in an abusive relationship and then I got out of that 7.5 years ago but then 5 years ago my daughter was sadly still born and after that I was asking for help but never got it was put on anti depressants but then about 3 years ago I tried to kill my self but then after that I worked really hard and sorted myself out found my self a good partner and that and was doing really well them about 8 weeks ago I was took to hospital with a really fast heart and they thought it was a heart attack but now they saying it not but I’m on going test as my heart is still fast but obviously they’ve all been put on hold due to the virus but when I was in hospital I thought I was gonna die and now I have a fear of dying and really bad health anxiety to the point over the last 4 weeks I’ve spoke to either a doctor,111, or had paramedic out everyday as I feel like there something wrong but the doctor has told me that when I was in hospital that done more bloods than normal and they was fine and I had xray and ct scam and they was all clear and that I’m fit and health but he had said I got acid reflux and tmj in my jaw which is causing me pain in my throat and face on top of the right throat from anxiety but over the last 4 weeks I’ve been really bad I’m not sleeping I’m not eating I’ve lost 2 stone it horrible, I ended up with paramedic out this morning coz of my throat I felt like it was closing over but they just say it acid reflux 😭

Any help


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
Hiya and welcome to the forum. I can't possibly diagnose on a forum of course, but if its anxiety then a lot of these symptoms can be attributed to that. Anxiety can be crippling and you can get a racing heart, a sense of your throat closing over perspiration, irrational fears, and so forth. I suggest you look up Mind on the internet and read all about it there.

Did you ever grieve properly for your lost baby? It could be that....possibly. There is usually a trigger for all this and you need to try to find it. We are here to listen to you


New member
Apr 19, 2020
Hi there, I’ve been reading up on a lot and I never had any support after loosing my daughter 😭
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