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Help please



I think that's a question for a doctor or a cpn but I'm sure if you want to talk about the voices then someone will identify with you. Lots of people have voices on here.


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Oct 15, 2008
Voices that are Distressing

ali: What are the screaming voices in my head why wont they go away??????

My own experience with hearing voices is quite limited but I have been around long enough to be able to offer a few perspectives on dealing with the phenomenon.

One approach is to consider that the voices are something outside of you. With this approach, the voices are akin to an alien (foreign) force and their presence in your world is a form of violation that has been externally imposed. Within this model, the process of hearing voices may feel especially frightening because it may cause you to feel powerless, with no control over the experience.

Another approach is to consider that the voices are something inside of you. With this approach, the voices may be akin to messages arising from your sub or unconscious mind and their presence serves a meaningful purpose. This model may feel more empowering to some people because it restores a measure of control and feels less invasionary.

There are other models and variations thereof you could consider and none of them can be considered to be more right or best but knowing which model fits best for you can help guide you in making treatment decisions for yourself.

If you experience these voices as invasionary and frightening, what you want most might be to make them stop or to make them go away. Many people have had success with various medications in such instances. Please note there is no guarantee that medications will work for you or bring a complete cessation to the voices however many people do identify medication as something that has helped reduce or entirely stop voices. In turn, this has brought them a sense of relief.

If you experience the voices as aspects of yourself, medication remains a potential option however you also might benefit from a form of psychotherapy that will allow you to explore the meaning inherent in what the voices are telling you. Whether or not you can afford that therapy or will have access to trained clinicians in your area is yet another issue.

The following links may also have some information that will be of assistance:

- Hearing Voices: A Basic Introduction
- Redefining Hearing Voices
- How I Tamed the Voices in my Head
- Hearing Voices that are Distressing: Self-Help Techniques
- Intervoice: The International Community for Voice Hearers

Again, I want to emphasize that there is no right or wrong answer -- you are the individual having the experience and you know how distressing (or not) it is to you. The above offers a few perspectives on voice hearing but there are likely other perspectives as well. The goal is to figure out what works best on an individual basis in terms of understanding and coping with your own experience.

~ Namaste

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Oct 6, 2008
on earth i think !!

Hi guys,

Thank you xxxx I had appointment with my phyc this morning and he has just put up my meds to sedation level hoping that that will make them go away for a bit!!!
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