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Help, overwhelmed feelings.



Oct 7, 2019
United Kingdom
Hey, thank you for clicking this. Okay so I have had anxiety for nearly 6 years I cope with it well now. Well better than ever right now to be honest. But there’s one thing I can’t stop and it’s driving me insane. So it’s difficult to explain so here we go. So say I’m having a decent day then I turn on the news and something bad had happened, for example someone died, who I don’t know or anything remotely bad goes on in the world. I can’t switch off. I then have the mindset right I can’t do anything I enjoy now, so I can’t for example do a bit of online shopping and buy the thing I was going to today because that ‘something bad’ that has happened will always be a reminder when I look at that thing I bought. Or I can’t watch that tv show tonight because I feel guilty that im enjoying myself and that something bad has happened to someone. So I just sit there most of the time and I’m afraid to do anything I enjoy. I do this thing now where if someone is talking about someone dying or something bad happening I have to cover my ears or leave the room. It’s crazy. It all started worse this year for some reason. A bit of a back story, I’m 20 and a female. Also my mother had been suffering with an illness since I was 16 and still is now and it does effect my life I guess, my anxiety got worse when that happened and when I was doing my a levels. if that helps. Pls help me!! I’m going crazy. I’m pretty rational but this is driving me insane.


Well-known member
Oct 4, 2019
United Statea
Hey there. I can relate. Not saying that it is a good thing or not but I dont watch any news. Not a lot of TV because its either really really depressing or makes my mind work its wonders. I dont know if stopping completely is the right way, but its made me have to find diffrent ways to stay busy. If someone is talking about something sad as a topic, not because something bad has happened to them, I change the subject. If I have to be around sadness or loss, I try my hardest to find something positive and focus only on that. I feel WAY to much. Everything has feelings in my opinion. I have to apologize to a spider or bee for killing and feel really bad after. Lol I wanna scream when my kids waist food because there is starving people everywhere! I wanna bring every stray furry and not home with me because everyone deserves to smile 😁 Having SO much feeling can be overwhelming as hell. If something gets u down go find someone less fortunate (shelter, homeless person on the sidewalk, nursing home act..) and make them smile. Ugliness is everywhere always will be, if you see it cover it with a rainbow. Sorry this got so long. Hope it helps in some way and your feeling better today 😁
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