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Help or advise required



New member
Jul 30, 2009
petersfield, hants
Hi everyone
This may be a rater longish story but if anyone perservers and reads it i'd be very grateful
Over a year ago my mum who has had several mental breakdowns in the past, went on hols with myself, on the 4th night she suffered severe diorrea, on returning to the care home she lived in (due to not coping, breakdown after my dad died 3 years earlier) she became depresed, didnt want to go out, lack of appertite, angry, upset, and generally unhappy with life, wanted to die, etc.
That all started in May 2008, by Nov she started to try to get out the care home and many times succeded, she knew how to turn the alarm off, many times the police had to be called to search for her.
Over the next few months she became worse, very upset, angry, she even stole a knife and said she would kill herself.
To cut a long story shorter, I moved my mum to a secure care home and the staff are excellent. So caring and thoughtful.
She cannot get out so I have a peice of mind, I visit her 3 / 4 times a week.
this pst 2 / 3 weeks mum has got worse, especially when I visit, but I feel guilty if I don't visit.
The mental health doctor has been to see her but says she is attention seeking, and doesnt really know why she is the way she is.
I love my mum and it upsets me to see her like this, her memory is very good, she is 76 yrs old and all the time she says she wants to go home, she lives in Hants but comes from Nottm. also she wishes she was dead, please advise anyone, and anyone know what could be wrong with my mum, all i get told is she has mental health problems. I get so upset seeing my mum like this.
Sorry its a long letter.


From Maudikie.

I would n ot advise that your Mother goes home as she is likely to start wandering again. Have a work with your G.P. or the doctor at the Home she in. It may be that her medication needs adjustment.You are good to keep visiting her, and I am sure that she will appreciate it, even if she doesn't show it.
Best of luck
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