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Help on bipolar please



New member
Jun 3, 2009
Hello, im hoping someone can help me with advice, my daughter is 18 years old, she is very up and down on her moods, cannot concentrate on anything , very bad sleep patterns, feeling very depressed about her self, low self asteem. At night just as she lays her head on the pillow she can hear voices people talking ,cupboards and doors banging,she does not know what about or who they are so she opens her eyes quickly to stop any further voices, also she saw white floating dots in front of her which she tried to catch. I have seen huge changes in her now for a while, i put it down to her losing her job and having relationship issues, she has been under huge stress from both of these.
She does not seem to be able to hold a converstation for long, and sometimes forgets whats been said, she has eating issues some days she hardly eats at all and other days eats too much. Im really lost of what to do and i know i need to take her to a doctor i was just hoping for any advice on here, thanks so much for anyone who would kindly respond.


Hi Angel and welcome
It might be an idea to write down all her symptoms and show them to her Doctor
hallucinations and voices are terrifying and the sooner you can get help for her - the better


Well-known member
Founding Member
Apr 22, 2008
Hi Angel.

It sounds like your daughter having a really hard time at the moment but it can be just as hard on the parents, i know this because of what i have put my parents through in the past. Bipolar or any mental health problems can manifest themselves in many ways.
Like Twylight has said it may be worth writing down what your daughter is experiencing, maybe keep a mood diary on her behalf to keep track of her moods and to show a doctor, these can be very usefull. It may also be worth printing off what you have wrote in youtr post to take along aswell.

Good luck to ou and your daughter when you see a doctor.

Take care.