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Help needed.



New member
Sep 9, 2008
Hi, im new to the forum and im not quite sure how it works. I found it by searching for a place where people might feel or have felt the same way i do and hopefully explain what is wrong and perhaps some advice on making it a bit easier.

My problem is, i get really anxious about certain situations that i recognise to be situations where i might feel what i describe simply as 'sick'. I dont go dizzy or feel like im going to die, i just really feel extremely nauseous, so much so that i 'must' leave wherever i am and breath and relax. The problems started at the end of my last college year and i often felt worried about social situations because they have been becoming gradually more difficult. When asked as part of a project to visit manchster, i was terrified about going on a train. Whilst on the train i managed to calm myself down but on my way back, i actually felt i had to get off at every stop to feel sick, my heart raced and my stomach churned and i was so scared, i was forced to remain on the train because of my need to get home. Once of the train i felt free but the experience has made me realli scared of similar situations incase i ever feel like that again. I have never felt it such an extreme as that day but thats because i have been avoiding all forms of transport, and i dont really socialise from fear of feeling like that. At college i feel fine up until a point where i am forced to remain in a certain spot, i.e. infront of a computer or in the case of my course ,a camera. I feel that situations where i am not in control and i am forced to remain, e.g. public transport, in lessons etc. i panic and feel exremely sick. I have been to a doctor and he has arranged Cognitive behavioral therapy but i have to wait a long time before it starts. Now i am back at college i have missed one lesson due to an attack, this lesson was the only one where i had to stay seated and could not walk around. Tommorow i am terrified as i have enroled on a weekly 2 hour maths lesson which realli is a restricted lesson which i am almost sure i will need to leave at some point, it is so important that i solve my issue quickly before it effects my life greatly.

Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you. :)


You should talk to someone at college about this - they will be used to students having a variety of problems and should be able to help even if it's just seeing a counsellor.

You are not alone in feeling over anxious in situations that you can't control - I would imagine that a lot of the people who post on here have that sort of fear in varying strengths at some time or another.


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Oct 1, 2008
(y)Hi Kevin, I suffer from GAD and have for a few years now. I too have had these feelings although I tend to feel faint and hot and need to get out. I used to be a Teacher and I also have IBS which was a nightmare as I couldn't just leave the classroom and of course anxiety makes IBS much worse. Don't know how I got through some days. I have recently had CBT and it has been very useful as it made me realise that panicking in situations where I was 'stuck' such as cinema, funerals, weddings, theatre etc, and felt like I could not get out caused me panic attacks as I thought I would faint and everyone would look at me. The CBT made me see that I will not faint and the feelings I get are just 'the normal fight or flight ' reactions and didn't go any further. Once I realised that I was actually in control as I never did faint then I calmed down and now can do things, although I do sometimes sit at the end of the aisle in case! Stick with the waiting list as CBT is the single greatest help I have had to cope with life. Nicola

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