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help. my friend is bipolar hes in a state of high anxiety and depression not on meds..



New member
Dec 30, 2012
help. my friend is bipolar hes in a state of high anxiety and depression not on meds..

hello im new to forum..came on here to see what i can find out about bipolar and how to get help for a very ill ex partner who is father to my 3 year old, he is staying with me as he has not got a place of his own. Im very worried and frustrated as he hasnt had very good care, he was taking a low dosage of citalapran up ontill june then came off and went manic the drug didnt do much if anything it made him more low and in a sorry state really. Im in abit of a state myself as having him here in my house is hard as he seems so unwell. I believe he should be in hospital he stays in bed most of the day and hardly leaves the house hes lost alot of weight as well he is in hes early fiftys hes totaly given up on life he cant play with our son or anything else. surely there must be some medication that can put him right even abit so he can function somewhat normaly. last time he was well was 2 years ago since then he has been mostly depressed with a few manic highs..any advice on how to access some decent treatment and some pills that work would be very much appreciated ..regards bella x:low:


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Nov 23, 2008
Bonnie Scotland
Hiya, :welcome:

Has he spoken to a doctor at all. If you go to the docs, they should refer him to mental health services. Has he had a diagnosis? It must be very hard for you dealing with your ex partner and your child. I know my husband struggles when I am ill, and he has support.

Hope you can get some help.

Toona x
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