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help me...



New member
Jul 23, 2009
Hi all, i guess am just another person looking for help answers and solutions to this God forsaken mess i have arrived into...

I am 21 years old, lifes never been totally easy but traumatic wise i haven't had nothing major happen... I was on the road to recovering from agrophobia and manic depression, i spent 3 weeks in america had the time of my life, i came back and was on top of the qworld i had everything planned out what i was gonna do who i wanted to be, WOW I had it good!

7 days after i had landed i went to work and collapsed the right side of my face dropped i was incoherrant everyone around me thought i was having a stroke inc. the paramedics... i spent 5 hours in ressus, came round confused and with a heavy feeling down my right side, due to lack of beds i was sent to stay with family so i wasn't alone...
following this the next day i bent to pick up some washing and couldnt stop screaming my arm, it wasn't working, i could still feel it though....
as the day progressed i lost my leg... but my face an speech returned

i went to the drs in the following morning who assessed me and i was a 3/5 function in arm and leg reflexes, compared to my 5/5 left side he referred me to a neurologist who when he saw me i had deteriorated more, he sed i needed an mri scan but would probably return in 10 days...

i was again sent home to family and left for 11 days before we yet agsain went to the drs as i had deteriorated more, he called up the hospital and have been here since, 3 months in total...

i have been diagnosed with conversion disorder/ functional weakness dissasociative symptoms...

i have improved alot since it happened but am not safe to go home, am stuck in hospital... does anyone know of any rehab / intermidiate homes so i can get out of hospital that are not dedicated for elderly... i need to be normal again, my life has been put on hold for way too long but how can i win... my balance id awful wud i cope at home????? they are on about moving me wards. trying to find an intermidiate home, or dumping me at home... one prob even though i can walk short distances it doesnt include on carpet or rough terrain, another thing have been getting around in a chair, and keep failing my stair assesment... i have to go down 10 concrete steps to get to my front door... if they put me in my home, i will be trapped and i fear relapsing into agrophobia....

another thing... is there anyone out there who can relate??????

thanks for reading x


Hello and Welcome

There are psychiatric halfway homes scattered around

I'm not exactly sure where you could find out about them - probably through a GP
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