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help me



Oct 26, 2008
derbyshire UK
Im new to this forum and just needed to talk!
I dont really no what else to do to be honest. Ill start from the beginning!

Ok my bro was diagnosed with schizophrenia 7 yrs ago. He was in hospital for 6 months and was put on meds. He came home and found he could not live with us so asked to get a flat(was with us for 4 yrs). He got his flat 3 yrs ago and started to save money, got a gf and was getting so well again!

He was then told that his team were dicharging him as he was doing so well. He then split from gf and stopped taking meds (tablet form). They didnt rush him in and he was in a right state! violent etc! They put him on injection which has completely sent him over the edge! He doesnt wash, clean his flat, talks in a filthy manner etc. Hes so depressed and hes now been like this for 2 yrs!

The team who he is with now 'assertive outreach' are crap! They just come out to inject him and thats it! we are fighting to get meds changed and my poor brother doesnt no what to do!
I have just found out today that he has smashed up his TV and large mirror. we have to act like nothing is wrong. He laughs cuz of the voices in his head but says they arnt there! (THEY ARE!!)

I have just come from my mums house and my brother went upstairs, i heard him making himself sick (which hes done the past 2 yrs)

I cant take it anymore.....the mental health team are failing us and we dont no who to tell anymore!!!!

if anyone nos what to do PLEASE help me! help my brother,
all we want is for him to get better......will it ever happen???

thanks xxx

PS about 8months ago he also went round to his old school mates house. slit his tyres and put brick through window! he had to pay for damages! i had to have him arrested as he was carrying a knife around .... danger to self and others???? STILL didnt go to hospital!!!!!!


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Dec 9, 2007
The World
Welcome SisterInNeed :welcome:

The following webpage may help http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/getting-help

Often people need to try many different approaches to getting help before finding the one which works.

Members here are very supportive and have a lot of experience. I'm sure as people read your posts lots of different ideas will be shared which hopefully will help you, your brother and family.