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help me with my depression.



New member
Apr 8, 2009
im 17 years old and im suffering serious depression and have been for the last 1-2 years. im at college atm and im pretty ok when im studying because i enjoy it however im pretty awkward socially and i often try to be funny and end up failing ive never had a girlfriend in 17 years and i want one, i recently thought i was gay but realised i wasnt cos i dont like guys and the thought of being with a guy grosses me out. i dont really have any friends and i never go out and all my life people just havnt really noticed me or paid attention to me, im not bad looking but i could do with loosing weight. ive had thoughts about killing myself for a while and i dont see any reason to live at the moment, i know that things will probably change and get better but i know they wont come any time soon, i have been having a really bad outlook on life at the moment too, i cant sleep, ive lost my apetite i keep having really horrible dreams and i keep needing to get out of my house and go for walks because i feel too suicidal staying inside,when not at college i sit in my room playing guitar all day,i feel so low i feel like doing drugs like class a drugs heroine cocaine etc i dont know why cos ive been well brought up and wouldnt of dreamt of doing drugs when i was younger, i need to know what i can do to stop this feeling


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Dec 18, 2007
Have you spoken to your gp?
Are you on medication ?

Do you have a lot of support from family?

If non of the above the first port of call IMO is your gp .


A lot of people have never had a girlfriend or boyfriend at 17. All that hype you hear from friends and other people your own age is just hype. I can't tell you how many of the girls I went to school with spoke in great detail about how they lost their virginity when they hadn't even kissed a boy.

Drugs really won't solve anything, they just make things worse and I do speak from experience.

Life will get better but you are right in saying that it won't happen quickly, it does take time.

As Fedup suggests, the first port of call has to be your GP and if you can talk to your family or at least one member of your family then that's a good idea too. If you have trouble saying what you want to say then you can write it down for the GP, he or she won't mind.


Things will get better.

A great many people don't have a girl/boyfriend at 17 but when you feel depressed you don't notice these people only the happy couples who are in relationships and seem to have it all. Believe me at 17 they don't.

You sound a sensitive person which may be stopping you from being yourself when talking to others. Instead of trying to be funny and make people laugh take a step back and listen to what they have to say. In time you will find more people talking directly to you and will also gain the confidence to talk more to people yourself.
Please try not to shut yourself away, I did this for nearly ten years and it only makes things worse.
Is there a gym at college. Gyms are fantastic places to go if you are on your own and you will soon get to know other people plus you will also have the benefit of exercise which will help your depression and also help you get fit.

You will come through this and hopefully soon but in the mean time a talk with your doctor or someone at college. Don't suffer alone.



Active member
Mar 26, 2009
Newcastle, UK
17 is no age at all not to have had a girlfriend, you're not even officially an adult yet, I hadn't had a girlfriend when I was your age like many others I'm sure, it really is no big deal. Listen to your elders here, :p we've got tonnes of experience of life, we know our stuff, you're just a very young guy starting out in life with so many fantastic experiences to come your way.

Emmy's suggestion of going to a gym is excellent, you'll get fit and feel good about your body which really does help to increase your confidence. You'll make friends, maybe only other guys but these guys will have sisters and female friends too and before you know it you'll be getting asked out. Don't try to overly impress a girl, just be yourself and you'll find someone who likes you just as you are.

ps, wish I could play the guitar.


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Apr 5, 2009
Hi i'm 16 and can relate to how you are feeling, i don't have many people in my life and at one point, nobody at all. I hope you can find support here and as others have said if you haven't already been to your gp about your depression, it would be a good idea to. And your still young, so what if you haven't had a girlfriend, i always say it's better to wait and have one really great relationship then have a load of bad ones. :grouphug:


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Mar 26, 2009
we put too much stock in relationships when we're young.

i know it's hard to believe but around 70% of the people who tell you they've had a boy / girlfriend and have had sex at the age of 16 / 17 are lying. everyone wants to feel like they fit in.

there's no rush! enjoy being a teenager for a bit longer
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