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Help me please. :/ Don't know what to do.



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Mar 30, 2015
I'm not sure what issue I have but I figure it might be anxiety?

I'm in a StarFleet roleplaying fleet where we have a rank structure.
Without going into too much detail I want to have positions in the fleet so I can earn promotions hopefully to the rank of Captain and above.

My problem is that when I was given a position of XO of a department. I was told for about a minute or two what to do and then just said to get on with it. The issue is that I didn't really know how to start it and so I panicked and said I had some school work to do and he dropped me as XO.

I've been offered a position of a department which will grant me the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade but I'm apprehensive of doing it but I want to further my career in this fleet and not be a Ensign forever.

When I think about the position even though there isn't too much to do, only a report once a month and a few meetings I start getting very anxious, panic and freak out in my head a little. I start getting anxious if I think about me getting a position and I'm sick of it. I wish I had zero emotional issues and I could further my career very quickly by getting lots of positions and promotions although that's not the case.

What can I do to help ease my worries/fears perhaps about responsibility?


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Jan 25, 2012
I don't think anyone has zero emotional issues, so try not to feel that you are totally different/less able to handle things than other people, or that everyone else breezes through things. Someone has seen potential in you to ask you to take on a responsible role, and it's good to want to be ambitious and challenge yourself. Taking on new and unfamiliar responsibilities is daunting, and the fact you are not blasé about it shows a conscientious attitude and that you want to do a good job. I think on the whole imo, reducing anxiety about this sort of thing can be achieved through practice i.e. the more you do it the easier it will get. Or if you've done anything similar in the past you could reason with yourself that you coped with that and are capable of doing this (I sometimes wish this 'worked' better, cos even when I've done something before, I often still doubt my ability to do it again, I guess that comes down to practice again). One thing I tell myself when doing something new that I'm anxious about is 'I will make mistakes, and that's ok, mistakes are allowed, they help you learn', so I give myself permission to screw up, and try not to be too hard on myself. Another thing you could do is think about what specifically is anxiety-provoking about the situation, what are you most worried might happen? Can you then reason through what you would do if particular situations arose? Could you get reassurance and advice from someone already doing the role? Asking for help when unsure is fine, it doesn't mean you are less capable. People will expect you to 'just get on with it', but if you don't have enough knowledge/information or experience to do that, it's a good thing to be able to ask for guidance.

Good luck with it, and :welcome: to the forum :peace: