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Help, I'm not sure if I'm bipolar



New member
Feb 15, 2020
New York

I'm kinda scared at the moment because until this moment I never truly thought I had mental health problem I knew something was different about me, but I didn't think it was that serious, it started this morning as I was on twitter looking at my profile and thought why is my bio saying this I don't people to see this and decided to put random emoji to hide myself and then came thought why did I feel like this bio two days ago and now I feel like hiding myself and not showing my "true" colors? then I searched google for "feeling like a different person everyday" came reddit post about guy having bipolar disorder and I thought I had very similar experiences in my life, for example, this thing of changing everything about me day after day was present since my childhood when I was around 11 - 12, my girlfriend at a time normal blonde girl kind warm and after being with her for a while when I was going back home randomly at traffic light I thought I'm bored of her and sent her a text we're breaking up, nothing more and I never saw her again...there were a lot of these experiences and every day I feel different one day I could change a whole world in a day another day I want to leave everything behind and live on a beach without anyone and die alone, other days I feel like I shouldn't do anything and give myself a break other days I work till I can't look no more and fall asleep in my chair. While writing this I thought how does it feel to be normal? Do these weird normal beings(bad sarcastic joke) just have regular days with same emotions no upswings no downswings and live everyday same? If someone can share anything it would help a lot because currently, I don't know what to think. Love you guys and gals.


Well-known member
Jan 30, 2020
Sydney, Australia
Hey.. it's possible you have bipolar if your highs are abnormally high and your lows are abnormally low. Only a psychiatrist can really diagnose your condition though. It's normal for people to have fluctuations in mood, but for 'regular' people the ups and downs are not as pronounced. It's best if you talk to a pdoc to get their opinion.


Well-known member
Feb 3, 2020
You don't need to label yourself. I have bipolar disorder. I didn't go through a lot of what you did. We are all different.

The only way to be diagnosed is by a psychologist. I was diagnosed because I had depressive moods with hypo mania in between.

You may have problems with mental health, go and talk to a professional. Either way, you can get through it. Being "normal" is overrated! Good luck.
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