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Help. I'm can't take action. Seriously.



New member
Apr 15, 2009
I am overwhelmed by my problems and can't get started working on them. If I think about working on one of the problems: roof leaking, yard destroyed by flood, home repairs, finances --I just feel like what's the use...
I have to get past this stage but even when I force myself I give up before getting anything much done. There is SO much to do. Any little thing I do just seems like nothing. (My mother died last week after a long illness.)

Anybody know how to get me jumpstarted?

PS I've had years of therapy, take Celexa, Welbutrin, and Ritalin and sometimes I take chromium picolinate just for the energy. I am tired most of the time and am not taking care of my house, etc. I live alone and I am still in bed avoiding taking a shower and I needed to be at work an hour ago.


Well-known member
Founding Member
Mar 21, 2009
So sorry to hear about your mum. I think first and foremost you need to give yourself time to grieve. Its only natural that your all up in the air just now. All these problems have probably waited for a wee while so I'm sure they can wait a wee while longer. As my wise old auntie always says 'the mess will be there long after you are'. :flowers::hug: Take care of yourself xx


Well-known member
Mar 26, 2009
i'm so sorry to hear about your mum!

Perhaps you just need to take a bit of time to deal with that before you start to think about everything else.
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