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help i want some sleep any tips!!!!am knackered

elvis the cat

elvis the cat

Well-known member
May 26, 2009
:( i am having real trouble sleeping have been prescribed zopiclone 3.75 but they don't seem to work i have may be 2 - 3 hrs sleep then am awake for the rest of the night . by morning i'm so tierd but have to go to work . i feel like im on a revolving door that i just can not get off .:(:(:(:mad::mad::mad::rolleyes:.


Active member
Jan 26, 2010

it may work and it may not
i try kalms sleep/..... take 3 or 4 an hour before bed...they are natural and wont interfere with other medication...they really are good..i think so anyway... i was given some sleeping tablets by the docs but they gave me nightmares
also try cutting caffeine out at 2pm daily, have herbal or decaf tea insted of normal tea, cut out coffee, coke, chocolate etc etc
it may help you
good luck


Jan 17, 2010

I've gone through many episodes of no sleep.

I try this it usually does work for me try it when you off work though!

Look up on internet foods and drinks to avoid that interfere with sleeping this will probably surprise you definately cut you caffine out.

I stay up as late as possible so my eyes are stinging or watch telly in bed and when I feel my eyes going I put the telly on sleep so it goes off and doesnt wake me up again.

Also make your room as dark as possible as light can wake you back up.

I don't know about your sleeping pill but why don't you try taking it as you start feeling naturally tired it should take effect when your already asleep then shouldn't it and help keep you asleep longer.

Good luck its horrid not sleeping it affects your whole day.

Do look at your diet and ingredients in food and drink I found this really helps.



Well-known member
Dec 15, 2008
Or ask your doctor to up the dose of zopiclone - I'm on 7.5 mg tablets

Lavender is good - get some lavender oil to help you relax
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