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Help! I think my brother may be going off the deep end



New member
Nov 24, 2018
I love and care for my brother but I think something is wrong with him. If you saw his public Instagram you would see what I mean. It is an interesting look inside his mind.

He posts pictures of himself half naked all the time, and he devalues others all the time. For some reason he is all super conservative, says he wants Trump to build the wall, and the other day he was supporting George Zimmerman on his ig story?

He will sometimes just randomly insult me for no reason. I think he gets a kick out of devaluing. I don't want to turn my back to him. I don't want to be around him because I know that he is very rude and sometimes unpredictable, I am pretty sure he has a drinking problem as well.

What is your overall thought? Am I justified in being a bit afraid to be around him? Do any of you know people who are similar? I think he is extremely narcissistic but I just don't know.. Why does he seem to have this hateful attitude about him.

Even if you are not sure what to say i'd love to hear your thoughts. Thank you!
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Nov 29, 2018

Well, I'm not sure lol. But I believe in the confusion of funneling mass information. I feel most people can't have accurate depictions of what life is and what they want out of it especially nowadays where you're told everything you oughta be.
Like I said I'm not sure, but mental health issues are common, and individuality, uniqueness is preached, so media like instagram becomes a powerful outlet for people to voice their innermost thoughts; even if they don't themselves understand them. My GUESS is that your brother (I can't say for sure) is trying to cope by producing his own version of reality, and exposing it over actual reality to validate his ideas... maybe he's devaluing because he found caring to be too much, and devaluing makes it easier to accept everything. Maybe he is ill, and just needs some right direction before he completely commits to his idea of reality...
I'm not sure, it's always gonna be a tricky modern world.

I hope you and your brother the best, and family bonds are usually stronger than the veil of illusionment (I believe) unless the person is severely ill. Maybe talk to him and get to know him better... but that's easier said than done for sure.