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Help I think my bf has schizophrenia



New member
Jan 16, 2020
Bothell Washington
Hello and here it goes I’ll try and make this ad Scott ad possible. I’m having a hard time coping. History with my bf, heavy drinking. False accusations that I stole a lot of money from him, speaking of the law and wanting me to sign paperwork that I took the money and I need to get a mental health evaluation and he needs to be given access to everything. He needs to know where I am at all times if we are at an event together or if I don’t answet s text from him at night he gets upset. He thinks I’m always up to no good and cheating, he seems to have body issues and intimacy issues and had experiments very little with men but is embarrassed when it’s over, makes comments he blanks out at times, he also seems childish at times, I have caught him on a couple occasions talking to himself once outloud and then the other under the breath. He doesn’t always like to shower or change cloths for days at a time and gets depressed and withdrawn for months st a time and will not answet my calls/texts. Plz don’t judge this however on an occasion we were alone at his cabin and he defacated in the open and threw it at me- I chalked it off to drinking behavior. He had said he needs to protect himself or me caused scenes in public etc. he said one time that he may slip up from time to time and say things but to ignore it. He had so much more sorry again for this long threads I really could use your advice


Jan 14, 2020
Hi, Hope your O.K in my opinion from what you have written in your account may be your friend does display Schizphrinc tendency's like unpredictable anti-social behavior, this acting out within theses moment's could be due to a lot of things, drinking ' exc relationship breakdown, mistrust family problems, have you any clue what could be the trigger. You could go with him to see a talk therapist.
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