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Help, I need advise before I get paranoid



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Sep 30, 2009
In my own head
I am starting to get a bit worried. I am having periods of inspiration and things are happening in my favour. I know I should be glad but I am startimg to think I am going psychotic. I have just written something I did not think I could do. Its like someone has added a few more brain cells or possesed my thought patterns. I am writing poetry so fluently its scaring me. Ive not wrote any for 10 years. Also I am physically tired but my brain is wired. I am hallucinating slightly but I think its lack of sleep and staring at computer screen all day and night. I cant tare my self away from my computer and dont want to sleep cos I dont want this intervention to end. Its like something is keeping me awake for a specific reason. Im waiting for something but I dont know what. I can sense that somethimg is going to happen but I dont know what. Ive already wrote 12 poems but the ideas keep coming, Im so tired but cant rest. Ive been up for almost 24 hours. My eyes are wide awake and i just cant switch off. I feel really strange and when i shut my eyes i feel dizzy and feel like Im having an outer body experience. Do you think its lack of sleep?? Whats it all about?? Is this "normal" or should I be worried. Im scared to shut my eyes for in case I pass out while im asleep. Someone help, I dont know what to do. In fact, I'll take another oanzapine that should help. Any ideas? Has this happened to anyone else? :unsure:


Hello, yes, I can identify with it all.

What I try to focus on is taking things easy, & using methods to switch off & relax. Simple things; like a good meal, a hot bath, physically relaxing; with things like deep breathing, relaxation techniques, & relaxation CD's, ect.

Sleep is very important; especially for people like us. Try switching off the computer & trying something to relax. Go to bed & have a sleep. :hug:


:unsure: wow you have just explained what i do, poems and all and im not schizophenic, though do get paranoia :confused:


Well-known member
Sep 30, 2009
In my own head
Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies. Im in bed now but Im going to log off soon.

Im not schizophrenic either. Well, I could be but I wont know until my assessment in 2 weeks. I just get periods of psychosis, depression, anxiety and paranoia. Its a marvelous combination but they are interlinked.

This sounds crazy but ive got it in my head that im gonna die if I go to sleep. Dont worry though, I dont really believe it,its just a suspitious idea of which I hope im not right. I'll just have to hope I nod off unexpectedly without feeling like im floating. Its a wierd sensation I know that.

Anyway, I can bearly type as my eyes are blurey so I'll say goodnight and see if i can relax. thanks for replying. xxx



I'm chasing whose tail - you're great at advice!

Dedicated to you

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