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HELP i cant carry on.



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Apr 11, 2009
Hi, i need some help now, i have just had enough and i want it all to end.

I have been on a really bad downer for a week now and i just cant hack it, its bad enough living with depression but when im constant suicidal it just makes me want to give up.

I am contemplating and keep day dreaming about slitting my wrists or taking a load of pills, i just want peace and my head to be sorted and happy.

I cant sleep and im paranoid to the hills about my fella cheating when i know he wont but i cant get it out of my head, its making me panic and my heart is racing.

I just feel i might as well go at least i will be in peace then.

I honestly dont know where to go or what to do, i am sat in tears totally broken and at rock bottom.



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Feb 14, 2008
Birmingham UK
Katie - you obviously need immediate professional help. Please contact your GP straight away for an emergency appointment. Print out and take along what you have written if you feel you will have a difficulty communicating. If you feel unable to ring up ask someone to do it for you.
You can also contact the Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90. Take a look at our Getting Help page at....


There is plenty of time to consider longer-term solutions but right now you need to just seek immediate professional assistance.




Glad you at least managed to write down your feelings on this site.

Please go and see your doctor as they will know exactly what to do and provide you with help.

Please do not suffer alone- try and get family, friend or neighbour to just be with you or talk over the telephone. I live on my own and rung my parents at 2 in the morning as I felt just like you and even though I struggled to get the words out it helped just someone being on the end of the phone.

People will understand and want to help. You are not on your own with these feelings and by getting medical help you will start your process of feeling better.

My thoughts are with you.