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Help failed ESA tribunual



Mar 9, 2020
west lothian
Can anyone help....i suffer severe social anxiety which led to aGoraphobia aswell as mobility problems since my spine collapsed.Last year my Esa was stopped as I continually failed to attend the medicals. To cut it short I sought help from my local citizens advice and a man came to the house unfortunately he went off on leave just before my tribunal date and a lady attended instead.I eventually got a letter saying I had failed and giving the reasons..ie She had no report from the man who was supposed to represent me and we had never met and spoke once breifly on. Phone. I put in a complaint about how badly I felt things had been handled and the manageress of the citizens advice upheld my complaint. Ultimately I have now been told that all I can do now is put in a new claim which means I lose all back dated benefit and as I have borrowed so much I can't afford to lose that. Surely if I have been badly represented I should be allowed to have another try at 1st tribunual.I have shortened this so if you need more info please ask and thank you for reading and any advice greatly appreciated.


Well-known member
Feb 20, 2019
Northern Ireland
Hey there sorry you’ve had such a hard time.
How recently was this tribunal? Depending on when you may be able to refer it higher as there is a stage after tribunal, I think it’s pretty much actual court though or at least someone much more senior.
Do you have medical evidence to back you up? Even a copy of your most recent medical notes and a brief GP letter will really help!

I’m about to go through my second PIP tribunal next week myself. I’ve been very lucky with ESA and been in support group since 2018 with no assessments beyond the paper one x