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Help emetophobia BF



New member
Nov 23, 2021
(I am french sorry for my English)
I, My best friend suffers from emetophobia and has regular attacks. She writes to me every time to try to stop panicking, but I don't really know how to help and support her during her attacks: what to do? What to say to her? If you have any advice to give me it would be great.


Nov 22, 2021
A phobia is a fear that is caused by a couple a reasons. Future events, can be one! Or an understanding issue can be another. Either way she has to attack root causes of the fear to get over it. Just an FYI, throwing up will be the final step to getting over it. But futurr events can be caused by something happening in the body. The mind can tell when there is an abnormality in the body, and can cause symtoms to arise in attempts to correct the issue. Not understanding something, like why people throw up, or why something occurs can be another issue and cause a fear. She has to attempt a conscious decision to figure out vomiting on a person mental level. Meaning she has to use the mind's knowledge of the body, and vomiting.
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