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Help dealing with my Brother



New member
Sep 13, 2018
My brother is 45 years old. He is a CRNA and makes very good salary. I say this because it factors in the situation. I am 56. Ever since I have known him from about the age of 5 he has had deep issues with depression. He would go into moods that were so dark he would fall on his bed and not move for hours. You had to leave him alone. At one point when he was about 30 he was at his job while going to collage for CRNA at a paint factory. You are in any factory supposed to wear safety gear. He would not put his safety glasses on and when the supervisor asked what it would take to get him to put the glasses on he said "super glue them fucking there."

This almost got him fired. He then becomes very afraid of losing his job and starts to beat himself up as self destructive. He then seems to get a grip for a short while. Once he got enough credits to get his nursing lisc while still going for CRNA he popped back into his destructive self and told the paint factory he was a nurse and they could shove their job where the sun does not shine.

While in CRNA school he had some kind of melt down with the school and they kicked him out. He scrambled went into his I need to get a grip on my life fall back position and found another school and made it through.

He is very hard to be around. He was diagnosed with boarder line personality disorder. He went on meds can not say what ones. He also has and I am guessing here but I am sure its some kind of Narcissistic personality. Every one is an ant below him and are almost not worth them living. He can only be around one person at a time and they are his main friend. If he jumps to another person than every one else is scum and he will look at them with contempt.

I will say he is better then he used to be when younger but not good. Well he became a CRNA and was working at his "dream job" making very good money. He went out and spent a lot buying a sports car, new Harley even though he never rode motor cycle, and lives a high life. He will have to tell you every time he talks to you how much he makes, and is saving for retirement or what his house cost.

So the first CRNA job he was doing a epidural for a woman who had a dead fetus and it was going to be removed. He did not know this and he also did not know she was one of the Dr. Wife. He went in and told me someone told him how fast they could do one and he has no bed side manor. I still don't know what happened but she wanted him fired after that. According to my brother the Dr. has a lot of pull and got him fired, well they let him resign. He got another CRNA job about 35 miles away and that was about a year ago.

Yesterday I got a call from a number I did not recognize. I am having AC/heat pump issues, and was expecting a call from them and thought this was it. It was my brother and he was talking in his deep depression voice. I asked what was going on, he said I am in a mental facility near my house. I checked myself in. I asked what is going on? He said he got into a argument with a Dr. in front of a patient and he kept escalating it. The Dr. is demanding he is to be fired. He lost it. He has about 8 guns, two rifles ar15s and several hand guns. I am a gun person so I am not anti gun at all but I do recognize this is the time to remove them from his access.

I asked what I can do, and does he need me to take care of his pets ect. The faclity is taking his phone away and gave me an access code to get a message to him. They also asked me to remove the hand gun from his car and home. I said I would do that today.

So this is in a nutshell. I am not sure what to do. So any help would be appreciated.



If you need help dealing with his mental illness and live in the U.S. you can contact NAMI and they have meeting and support groups for people who have family members who have a mental illness. If you are from anywhere else I would look into organizations that would be equivalent to NAMI. People who are close to someone with mental illness need support also so I hope you can find a group to help you. I am sorry you are in this situation. From what you stated it does not sound like you enable or make excuses for him but also at the same time have compassion for your brother. That is quite an accomplishment in my opinion :) I would take someone with you when you pick up the gun, just for safety purposes. I am sorry I couldn't be of more help. Peace..!
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