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help at last! solutions found autism



New member
Nov 12, 2008
i am autistic as are my kids. for years i was diagnosed manic depression but it was all wrong. i am not gud on a puter so soz if i am rubbish

i cant post on any other forum here. dunno why?

found a website that is brill, lots of free help and tips i found it through a friend who clicked on it today. my son has meltdowns and i tried what jelibean said and it worked. i am blown away.

thought you may like to check it out. its all free and volunteers man it all the time. for us with autism it is very difficult as there is no help and it is very lonely. these guys seem to know what they r talking about noone else does though!:)

this is it


Oct 8, 2008
hey, chicago

i have aspergers syndrome, and at the moment i am trying to get a diagnosis of some sort to sort out all the stuff which i think is not quite aspergers. i have been diagnosed with bipolar which i dont think was right either.

well, just really wanted to say that i dont know if you do, but dont feel alone. i looked at jelibean website and it looks good, and in the future i hope to have kids too so that kind of thing may come in useful. sounds good :cool:


New member
Nov 12, 2008
Aww thank you.:):)

i was diagnosed with bi polar too. thankfully now the diagnosis has been ammended to ADHD! i was taking LITHIUM........................cant tell you how good it feels to be off it and onto PS.


Nov 4, 2008
Cambridge, UK
Hello Chicago. I have an ASD (Aspergers) as well! :)

Statistically, people with an autistic spectrum disorder are more likely to suffer from mental illness in adult life than the general population. However, I believe that this is largely brought about by the pressures of trying to fit into an intolerant society rather than anything to do with the condition itself.

Robert :)


Dec 1, 2008

Hey, my brother has Asperger. I have been developing skills to understanding him and his illness. It is something that can have negative effects on various ways, coming from society's expectancies. But Aspie's like my brother have good advantages like being better with himself than with others and being able to academically and intellectually succeed. One thing is that he could never be in a slightly crowded room fro more that 5 min. But universities and schools have been changing their ways to permit special cases with aspie's. (Too bad my brother already graduate in a school "with no aspie" consideration). I personally an OCD and have problems with my identity.

Some family we are!

Good Luck

Thanks for sharing!
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