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Help? Anxiety/Stress



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Dec 30, 2015
Hi All,

New to the forums and feeling a little lost.

I'm struggling of late with anxieties. Maybe anxiety is the wrong term? I worry about things constantly, it feels like I'm not happy unless I have a worry. My worries make me very stressed which in turn make me angry and snappy with people. I find it hard to focus and my mind races.

My main stresses are money (I'm in a well paid job), tax bills (I put plenty away for tax), my house being burgled (I work from home and I'm at home 95% of the time) and getting no work (been self employed for 10 years and got steady work) So basically silly reasons I need not worry about now but have done in the past.

Over the past year perhaps I have become so angry and hateful I can't be bothered with people, friends, random people etc.. they all just annoy me or I believe they will at some point annoy me or want something from me.

I wouldn't say my mood was low but I suffer from bouts of melancholy? I generally pretty upbeat despite my worries.

I'm at a point where my marriage is now starting to show signs of trouble and I hold my hands up to it mostly being my fault, mostly my attitude to people and my anger. I suffered from a small bout of depression 14 years ago and that felt really different to how I feel now.

I'm planning on seeing a doctor this/next week but I'm worried about being placed on anti-depression meds. I'm not even convinced I can describe what I feel is wrong with me.

Sorry for the war and peace and brain fart. I don't even know what my question is. Sorry.
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Jan 15, 2013
Welcome to the forum.

I hope you do get round to seeing a doctor.

Take care.

Marliee x