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Help, advice please? Clinical negligence?



New member
Mar 1, 2019
Sussex uk
I got diagnosed with adult adhd in Dorset. This upset me cos then suddenly I saw my whole personality and being as just a bunch of symptoms that add up to a neurosis instead of a person, but after a few weeks I got past that and accepted ADHD as just part of me instead of the other way round.

Sadly, I moved out of the area to Sussex. But the psychiatrist who diagnosed me told me to take the letter of diagnosis to the mental health team in Sussex to hurry getting treatment.

I got a decent doctor who put in the referral for me. Later I got a 5 min phone call from a CPN who asked me if I wanted to kill myself or hurt others and I said no.

I saw my doctor a couple of days ago and he was very upset and angry. That CPN nurse wrote a horrible letter behind my back to him calling me all sorts of things, that have no basis in reality and after 3 pages of ranting she said that because I was able to get some gcses in school I cant possibly have adhd and said that the letter of diagnosis was wrong. That I'm just a lazy, drug seeking, criminal who needs no help from mental health and that they were discharging me.

Can a CPN override a psychiatrists diagnosis???

My doctor said what she has said about me and done is clinical negligence, he said hes writing a letter of complaint and that I need to do the same.

What do I do. I've been told I've had adhd for years by teachers etc but never went for help cos I didn't want to be different. But my impulsive behaviour is causing me problems and my doctor told me the meds they can prescribe if the referral goes thru will solve so much for me.

Can a CPN undiagnosis me from a 5 min phone call.

Am I wrong. And is it ok for a CPN to right libilis statements about me behind my back.

What the hell do I do. All this has made me want to self harm again.


Active member
Dec 18, 2018
Hampshire sunny South coast .
Hi Onionapple
Sounds like you are fortunate and have a great GP there .
I'm not sure from what you have said that the CPN is overriding the consultants diagnosis . It's entirely possible for professionals to have different opinions , it's also possible the even with a diagnosis the CMHT might not offer treatment .
What seems clearer is that the CPN has behaved inappropriately shared their "opinions " with the GP .

In your place , I would submit a Subject access request and obtain the records to see what else has been written and get a copy of that letter.
I would follow your GPs lead and submit a complaint.
That letter should also be included in your records so I would contact the data protection officer or data controller and request those comments /opinions be removed from your records . This is know as rectification . Sadly opinions like those tend to follow you around as other professional read them and it will lead to prejudiced opinions continuing.

Just my thought of course .
Best wishes