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Dec 25, 2009
Ilford IG1
Hi there people & whoever else may want to view this as I know it's not the only way people or things communicate.

I'm Pete, 30 years old born in Havering and brought up in loughton, Essex ally life. Now currently living in east London with friends. I tend to communicate with demons and have voices in my head which tell me to do things of which some are not nice.

I am on here because I found this website through a leaflet from the mental health crisis team. I hear voices and also see things that lead me to believe that there are evil things at work in this world. I feel safer in a church but tend to find everytime I try to visit they make me feel tired or put people in place to turn me away.

I am on here looking for friends and help in a way that people maybe able to understand what I'm going through and not be judged as I think most people tend to do when they find out you may suffer from a mental health issue. I have no diagnosis but am currently under the supervision of the mental health crisis team who visit me everyday but now every other day for meds and so on. I feel they are being used against me by the demons and demons are all around us. I would like to find people who are more tuned or understand how I feel as I am purely alone and people judge and say I'm crazy :-(


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Oct 20, 2009
Hi Mr RollingJovi.....

Welcome to the forum hope you do find some help here, if not then at least some friends........

Be well ..... boB ......... :welcome:
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