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Sep 18, 2009
:clap:Just a quick post to introduce myself. I have suffered with major recurrent depression for the last few years with very few periods of normality in between. I also hear a voice but have not been diagnosed with psychosis as I am aware that it is not 'real'. It is however a major symptom of my depression and I believe is preventing me from recovering. Anyone else hear a voice as part of their depression?

I currently take 5 different meds for my condition which don't seem to be working. Every time I see the psychiatrist he just adds another to the mix!:scared:

Hoping to chat with others in a similar position.(y)


hey nands :welcome:

yep have the voices, have the depression, have the everything! dont have the p-doc though. so im abit lost atm

be good to talk on the forum with you, so welcome :)


Hi nands

:welcome: to the forum. I hope you find this forum as friendly and supportive as I have. :)
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