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Jun 22, 2009
i had a nervous breakdown a couple of months ago and am now suffering from depression and anxiety. i've had periods of depression for years but never like this. i have control issues so this lack of control over myself and my emotions is driving me nuts lol (sorry if my humour offends). i have been self harming as a form of release and control (it's fun hiding that from the kids when it's hot). i have just discovered that there is a good possibility i am about to become a single parent and need to be strong for them so i am trying to help myself in anyway i can to get better i'm hoping that this will be one of the things that does. my husband is also suffering from depression but his method of coping was to move out, run away from his problems and responsibilities and start a new relationship before telling me and our childrenthat ours was over because he couldn't face working out the problems his depression had caused but he's not sure which of us he wants (he only met her two weeks ago) so wants me to conveniently let him continue to see her while we work on our marriage. sorry for rambling but i just needed to let it out.


Hi eternity

And :welcome: to the forum!
You have not rambled at all! I am so sorry you are experiencing such difficulties at the moment.
I hope you find this forum of some help to you. There is a wealth of knowledge, support and experience to be found here. :)


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Sep 22, 2008
Welcome to the forum :flowers:


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Jun 22, 2009

thank you for being so welcoming it's nice to 'hear' kind voices at the minute:). i've never posted on forums before so it was a bit daunting.


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Apr 8, 2009
Hi eternity and :welcome: to the forum

It's always good to talk to someone that has experience in a similar situation, you can do that here :)



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May 12, 2009
hi eternity :welcome:

you're having such a rough time at the moment. you will find many of us have been through similar situations. and that we are all survivors! but we need other peoples' support and friendship very much in crisis times.

my first husband left me and my 2 kids when they were little. he went off with our next door neighbour. i had been so worried about him and his 'depression', only to discover it wasn't depression, it was guilt! he couldn't handle my bipolar disorder, and just wanted to be with someone 'normal'!. at the time, my world felt like it was collapsing around me. i had to take control, put the house on the market (i just had to get away) and move area with the kids and start over. i had a major depression once we moved in to our new house. but we got through. i have since re-married.

i still have major mental health issues, and have found this forum really helpful. i just wanted to share my experience with you, to encourage you, that whatever the outcome of your crisis is, you and your kids will get through it. it's horrible, painful, and messy- but there will be a way through it.
i really hope you find the support you need :grouphug:


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Jul 21, 2008
Hello Eternity,
Welcome :welcome:
You will find much understanding and compassion here. I wish you strength.
Take care :flowers:
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