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Apr 26, 2009
I'm 19 nearly 20, I've had SAD since high school, I've worked out how it all started (Bit of a deep thinker). It started in school with a group of friends who started to dislike me and started bullying me and leaving me out of things and humiliating me. I then became really good friends with them all again for about a year. Then things started to get worse just like the last time and this was the worst time ever, i stayed in by myself for a whole school summer holiday and the worse thing was, was that one of them was my next door neighbor so i would see them pretty much everyday out of my window. But then eventually one of them started talking to me so we went out and did stuff and things started to get really good from then onwards and then I was friends with the whole group again. 5 years later and were all still the best of mates, we've all grown up since then and now i'm the one who everyone normally calls first so it's all good! None of them know I have SAD, they know that i'm shy around girls but thats about it!

I have quite a lot of friends but I do quite often avoid going out as in going up town, i'm fine with going out with my normal group but when it comes to meeting up with people who I don't really know then i get worried and make such a shit impression of myself.

Anyway I'm quite a friendly person with a good sense of humour, love music more than anything, haven't had a girlfriend in 2 years so I'm single and hating it lol.


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May 27, 2008
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