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Aug 21, 2021
United States
Hello! New here... This site looks promising. I'll probably spend most of my time in the bipolar section, because bipolar seems to be the trouble that I deal with. Are there any rules about how long posts can be? I want to ask a question for advice, but my story is pretty long... I guess most wouldn't want to read more than a couple paragraphs anyway. Also, is it okay to swear out of frustration in posts? I guess I'll start working on editing my post for brevity and foul language! (I tried posting my story on Reddit's bipolar subreddit, which proved to be pointless... spam robots deleted my posts three different times, there don't seem to be any moderators, and mostly it just seems to be a place for posting bad memes about that one time you got manic... Not trying to talk bad about Reddit, but at least now we know...) Does everyone tend to have a pretty good experience here?


Well-known member
Aug 14, 2021
I am new here and have received great support and help. So glad I found this forum. there isn;t really any therapists or support groups where I live. I hope you find this forum as helpful as I have !

England is always raining

Active member
Aug 1, 2021
swearing is probably not allowed. just re read the post and try change wording.

forums are good as helps talk to people anoymously & and with relevance.

I feel so so alone, I still am the same with same feelings etc , just able to vent on this site and connect is good. I do wonder ... if I passed over anytime soon ... would my family get to read my posts and see all the pain I was hiding is written online ....
Anatta Aorta

Anatta Aorta

Well-known member
Aug 21, 2021
Arcadia Bay
Hello, thank you for your introduction! I know everyone will be glad to see you around!


Well-known member
Dec 9, 2007
The World
:welcome: @strugglingbadlywithbipolar1

Are there any rules about how long posts can be?
There are, but it's unlikely that you will notice them!

I guess most wouldn't want to read more than a couple of paragraphs anyway.
We do find that posts that are shorter and more specific do get more responses. However, if you need to explain things in detail and it takes a longer post that is fine as well. While you might get fewer responses they might be great responses that help you. Also think about what helps you, if posting a long post helps you offload all the issues do it. If the responses don't help, just try posting another way.

is it okay to swear out of frustration in posts?
The only rules we have about swearing is that we don't allow it in the thread titles and we don't allow swearing about other forum members.

Does everyone tend to have a pretty good experience here?
I hope so! If you don't please let us know about it (use the report button at the bottom of any post) and we'll see what we can do about it. We do have a few rules to keep the place friendly and safe. We do our best to be relaxed about things.

I hope you enjoy your time with the forum!
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