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Mar 5, 2009
Hello everyone! hope you're all ok! :)

I just joined and have been looking at some of the posts. It very comforting to see so many people out there going through similar things as me. I have suffered with depression since I was 12 and have been on many different meds and still have not found one that helps.

When I was first dx I refered to family and adolences sevice, but this was worse than nothing! I had student psy's so they changed every 6months and as I was only getting apps every 6weeks I only saw the same person a few times then would have to start again with the next one. It takes a lot for me to trust someone so eventually I shut down and stopped talk completely when I was there. I ended up only going for my mum, so she thought something was being done.

Eventually when I was 16 I didn't have to go there any more. I ended up going to a few counsiling place because my mum keep telling me I needed help but as I was doing it for her so she didn't worry as much I never stuck it out.

Over 2 years ago I ended up quiting my job because I couldn't cope any more and realised myself I needed to get help but I needed to do it for me this time. As I had difficulty talking I was refered to 1 year of art therapy. I wasn't too sure about it at first but as I carried on it helped me to talk as there was something else to fill some of the time if I couldn't talk or I could just focus on what I had done. This therapy led me to talking about my sh for the first time because of something I drew, I didn't realise what I had drawn til 10mins after looking at it and it took me the rest of the session say it. It did freak me out a bit but I finished that sept 08. I'm 21 now and still under the mht but nothing has happened since then and now I'm on a low again.
Sorry I've gone on so long. Thx for listening (reading)


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Dec 15, 2008
Hey Shadow8

:welcome: I think you share a lot in common with a lot of people here. I for one have had m.h problems since a very young age and had a psychiatrist at 14. It didn;t help then I was too young and too scared - its good to get help as soon as you can and I like that people get encouraged here. I wish they had had places like this when I was young.

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Hi Shadow and welcome to the forum - it's a good place to be.


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Mar 5, 2009
Thank you for your welcome.


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May 27, 2008
Hi Shadow and welcome to the Forum... it's good to have you hear and I hope that you find it a support.
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