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Jan 26, 2009
Found this site through a google search about self harm and masochism.

I did so since I was about 4 or 5 years old and as a teenager, it got more a more masochistic and sexualised. I'm now beginning to understand some of the causes but obviously a lot of blanks from being so young when I started. I read somewhere that it's quite rare for such young children to self harm and that distresses me a bit because I don't know why a child of that age would know how to act on themselves in that way. It has caused me no end of anxiety and I have a lot of difficulty talking to my family - I feel like the runt of it to be honest. And i am generally very scared of adults even though I am one myself with a reasonably successful job and married and about to have a family. This has prompted me to try and find avenues of discharging my anxieties in other ways instead of hurting myself so I don't pass on any issues to our child.

I don't want to say at the moment if I am a man or a woman, mainly because I'd also had a lot of gender issues but my other half is a very kind, understanding and supportive person and has always been someone I can trust 120%.

Anyway, this is hello.


Hello Geoz and welcome to the forum. Say what you want when you feel ready. There's no rush, we're not going anywhere.
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