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Nov 19, 2008
hi, not sure where to start, back in 1998 as a result of attempts to elicet help and protection for my now ex-wife and children , she apparently had what some call a yeilding personality in that she took on the personality of the strongest personality in a group, i managed to get myself ilegally sectioned by a psycotic phychiatrist, on the basis of several lines aledged to be from an aledged transcript of an aledged tape aledged to constitue a threat to kill my ex father in law , who had told me to my face that he was "useing his power over us in order to destroy our marriage because he wanted control." (forgive me my long sentances!!) and that i was deluded about specified examples of my wifes extreame violence and my father in laws asault on my daughter for playing a game with me , the psychiatrist who had consistantly refused to talk with me stated his intent to medicate me untill such time as i forgot my 'delusions' , her violent response to emotional Preasure were legendary within our peer group, thankfully a number of nurses protected me and i was not medicated. nine days later at my trbunal dr f leant across the table waging his finger at the phychiatrist who wanted to keep me in "dr A have you or any of your staff seen any behaviour indicative that Mr C has any form of mental illness whatsoever can you awnser yes or no?, dr A said "no" and jumped out of his chair in shock at his own awnser.... as a result at of my dad aranging a solicitor to sue the hospital my medical records were heavily falsified , which i can easily prove useing the hospitals own documentation and the tape recordings i made of conversations i later had with the doctor and management of the hospital . oh and just to really grab your attention i have experianced seven days in nivarna , thats the golden sunlight crashing through the trees and more reacently, the omega experiance, have one ridiculose story to tell and a fairly comprehensive phycological explination for mental illnesses from a anthropological perspective ie survival of the species and neither am i the first to understand much of this!!,,, if you guys let me back on tommorow ill begin to explain ,,thankyou canute


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Nov 18, 2008
Can't say...
Canute, how good is your CPN or care-co-ordinator? I'd give them a phonecall and have a chat with them and discuss the way you are feeling and maybe they can offer some advice.


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Nov 19, 2008
CPN ? you won't see me for dust!!!

Canute, how good is your CPN or care-co-ordinator? I'd give them a phonecall and have a chat with them and discuss the way you are feeling and maybe they can offer some advice.
hi, never had a cpn or care co-ordinator, no evidence of mental illness was ever found, other than my arguably religious belifs, oh and my dodgey written english (really!) i'm a gnostic christian , one specific quote by myself concerning my belifs, that was quoted by a pshychiatrist, alledgedly working for my scolicitor, with a veiwe to suing the hospital, ,,,,, the song of mosses (from memory) I will name the name of god , the rock . The rock is and the he goes on to describe planet earth or more acuratly the biospheare, there of , he's talking about the third rock from the sun" this paragraph was suposedly evidence that i was suffering ,i forget his exact words (i have a copy) that i was suffering some serious psycotic disorder, my section was a police act totaly ilegal, the phychiatrist who sectioned me had consistantly refused to talk to me, prior to the section , the other three were my wifes Gp who i had not spoken to for several weeks and had never attempted to talk to me about any of the aledged incedents or reasons for my section, the aproved socialworker never had any contact whatsoever, and i had just managed to convince my wife's cpn that "burning tomatos in a pan giving Mr(ex-father in law)reason to belive i was trying to burn his house down" was an irational fear, she had previously twitched out when i had used the word 'paranoia' on the basis that i was not a phychiatrist and couldn't possibly understand such things! she had repeated her line twice," you were burning ..... " "linda that is an irational fear" she shook like a dog and stated "you don't have a regular income ",,,, i had previously tried to explain cashflow , I'm self employed , but to no availe also the house was mine and my wifes , somerset house could confirm that but she insisted it was my father in laws as did the phychiatrist a couple of months later when he first sent me an appointment to talk to him, his primary concern had been the state of the house and that i had hit a next door neghbour, a young lad of twelve , i haden't it was one of my ex wives mates , 'the lad' had told me about this when i asked him where the black eye had come from, the gp a scocial worker and a nurse had attempted to find me presumably to section me again i have a tape recording of this conversation , a sevearly perverted transcript of this, makeing me out to be pshycotic apears in my medical records, a copy of which appeared in a report to the child welfare court along with the allegation that i had hit a child,!!! some time later my patiants advocate , after a meeting with the management, which i have on tape , advised me that " dr A was out to get me that i had less legale rights than a terrorist and i should leave warwickshire imediatly for my own personal safety" ... this wasent what i intended writing this evening this is just the tip of the proverbiale iceburg the primary trauma for me was what my children had to endure , for years this left me incapable of holding down a job , i smshed my head open on every brick wall the english state puts up when faced with evidence that they have made a grave error or errors of judgement, ever seen a traumatiseded barrister after the judge told him it was not worth bothering with a hearing because he had already made up his mind, I have, and i was used to that sort of thing by then i have suporting evidence for that last statment shockingly ! Im ok now ten years later , i see my kids regularly, i survived , a shadow of my former self, but a lot wiser,,, the idea of writing on this website was to put forward some very alternative explinations of the causes of so called mental illnesses, there not so much aberations or failiers of correct brain function , they are more sophisticated survival adaptations being trigored by our abnormale scocity, compounded and agravated by the ignorence and arogence of the priests of the church of Phsychiatry, forgive me my rant , if you are still willing to have me i have some very posative ideas and anecdotes to help anyone understand there condition , the easiest place to start are children , a quote from st thomas , a wise man old in years does not hesitate to ask a seven day old child of the place of life, 18 years ago my goal was to find a way of relateing to my children so that i did not mess there heads up and leave them to work out there hang ups in later life as i did, when my first son was born i thought deaply about life from the perspective of a seven day old child (forgive me the poetic lisence here) but that is effectively what i did , and continued to do so, six years later i had cracked the code , or one half at least of the software that runs our brains , and all conflict between me and my children ceased, i dont mean we had a really good realationship, we did anyway, the kids didnt even argue amongst themselves, at all. perfect harmoney, and my daughters teachers thought the sun shone out of her bum ill explain in my next epistle with love canute
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