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New member
Mar 8, 2018
Hi - wow amazed to have found this forum, I wonder if there any moderators here to help with my request?
As a (very) mature student I am currently studying at college before starting my degree in mental health nursing in September. It's been a long process for me as I have in the past experienced severe depression. Thankfully I have reached a point of acceptance and some resilience to darker days and able to work it through.
As part of my course, I'm carrying out a very small project on what people think of support services in the community when facing mental health issues; I wasn't aware of any such support when I was at my lowest.
I would like to know if it was ok to post this questionnaire on the forum for people to share their thoughts.
I understand and respect any decision about this request, I just wanted to check first.
Happy to answer anything at all and send over the short survey before posting.
Many thanks